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Astrakhan region

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One of the most ancient regions of Russia is located in the desert southeastern area of ​​the East European Plain, a well of landmarks - the Astrakhan Region. If you, dear reader, have never visited this richest area, be sure to do it.

In this region, in addition to the indigenous Slavic population, Kalmucks, Avars, Nogais, Lezgins, Koreans, Germans, Dargins and many other nationalities live.

A lot of beautiful water areas are located in the Astrakhan region - the Volga River with its numerous tributaries, various lakes, the Caspian Sea. The most interesting of them is Lake Baskunchak. The most useful mud, an abundance of salt and minerals all attract tourists from all over the world.

The Astrakhan region is particularly rich in picturesque reserves. Among them are Ilmenno-Bugrovoy, Bogdino-Baskunchak, Teplushki, Sands of Berly, Steppe, Kabaniy, Enotayevsky. Of all these specially protected places, I would perhaps single out the Bogdino-Baskunchak Reserve, which preserved in its space magnificent natural objects, including a magnificent mountain called Big Bogdo. Do not spare the time and to visit such incredible tenderness as the lotus fields that stretch along the lower bank of the Volga River near the village of Liman.

Своим древнейшим происхождением привлекает внимание туриста столица Золотой Орды селитренное городище Сарай-Бату. Построенное ханом Батыем в 1250 году, оно расположилось близ села Селитренное.

The Vladimir cathedral, Troitsky monastery, the Ioanno-Predtechensky monastery, the Uspensky cathedral, the Kazan church, the Annunciation monastery are beautiful and majestic in their tranquility. But the main attraction of this region is the Astrakhan Kremlin. Built in 1580 year, it is located on a small island - the highest point in Astrakhan. The Buddhist Khurul located in Liman also found its place in this area.

Старейшим региональным учреждением признан Астраханский историко-архитектурный музей-заповедник, а красивейшим памятником архитектуры зодчества XIX столетия считается деревянный Дом купца Тетюшинова.

As mentioned earlier, because of its ancient origin, the Astrakhan region has a huge number of cultural, historical and natural monuments, the diversity and beauty of which can not be expressed in words, each reader must personally see all this magnificence.

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