Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Bryansk region

Coat of Arms Bryansk Region

Брянская область представляет собой жемчужину российских просторов. Невероятной красоты природа, на просторах которой расположились великолепные зелёные леса, потрясающие голубизной реки, прекраснейшие луга, живописные заповедники, уникальнейшие природные объекты, как и во многих других российских регионах.

Bryansk region is famous not only for its vast natural Russian expanses and beauties, but also for an incredible variety of different styles of many epochs, represented mainly in architectural heritage. Let us consider this most interesting fact in more detail.

Do you know the name of an era in translation means "strange", "bizarre"? Of course this is Baroque, the greatest epoch, covering the time frame of the end of the XVI - the middle of the XVIII century. It has many representatives among art. I can not help mentioning the name of Johann Sebastian Bach, the greatest composer of all time, who thoroughly reflected in the music the monumental features of the Baroque era. At this time the ladies wore magnificent dresses, weaved an elaborate hairdo, weaving in them various decorations, feathers, laces. The architecture of the Baroque reminds to some extent their outfits - monumental columns, braided with exquisite curls. In the Bryansk region there are representatives of such architecture. For example, the church of St. Nicholas. This magnificent architectural object may not completely coincide with the characteristics of this era, but still contains elements of the baroque style.

In place of the Baroque era came a new era called Classicism. It is not for nothing that it means "exemplary", because the main feature of this era is rationalism. Everything should be extremely clear, clear, understandable, leaving no questions. The work of the greatest composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart perfectly represented this era. Well, in architecture this was reflected by the use of straight lines, perfectly rigid columns, various arches and so on. An excellent example of the classicist style in the Bryansk region is the Assumption Cathedral, located in the city of Mlynna.

Under Alexander I On the territory of Russia the Empire style was born. His birth was due to the then fashion - imitation of all French. One of the most beautiful examples of this style is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, located in the village of Suvorovo, or more precisely, in the Pogar district.

In the Russian-Byzantine style, the Miracle Cathedral of Michael the Archangel, erected in Novozybkov, is executed. This style represents a unique appeal to the most ancient roots of Orthodoxy - Byzantine stone architecture.

As mentioned above, the Bryansk region is an architectural well of various styles. In addition to the above, in this region there are objects executed in the style of neo-Gothic, modern, eclectic and many others.

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