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Ryazan region

Герб Рязанская область

The history of a good-natured remote village called Ryazan Region is full of mysteries and mysteries. Probably every person living on Russian soil, and representatives of other Slavic states located in the neighborhood, at least once in life, but heard from their grandparents a famous joking saying: "In Ryazan, mushrooms grow with eyes: they are eaten, and they Look. " As we all know from our own experience, every joke, as they say, has some truth. This proverb is not an exception to this generally accepted rule. Local residents say that it is really, the mushrooms growing in the local Ryazan forests, as if their eyes were on a bonnet! If you meet on the way a broken or knocked down fungus - expect an unfriendly advent of treacherous aliens.

To date, all these stories are perceived as legends, and so that the traveler remembers the journey through the Ryazan region, they began to manufacture various key rings and magnets in the form of mushrooms with eyes, Ryazan squinting peasants and other unique symbols of this region on a tremendous scale. On the lands of this region, the fates of such famous people as the poet Yesenin, Avdotya Ryazanochka, who received the title of the bravest Russian woman, and many more were performed.

Вражеский сапог довольно долго топтал родные русские земли. Но всё же близ села Глебово-Городище могучий русский дух всё-таки взял верх над варварскими полчищами.

So, it is impossible to list and overestimate all pride, all the sights that are available in this simple heartland - the Ryazan region. Many beautiful architectural sites, old ramshackles, monasteries and cathedrals are located in the territory of this beautiful region.

Dating XVIII Century beautiful architectural structures - the magnificent Ryazan Kremlin and the majestic Assumption Cathedral - a symbol of the Ryazan region. This is the main attraction of this region and the most visited architectural object.

Необычайно интересно наведаться в старинные усадьбы, зайти в дом-музей Павлова или в музей-заповедник Есенина, дом-музей Пировогых и другие.

Be sure to visit the old Ryazan - the ancient capital of this beautiful area, where there are two Khan mausoleums, a mosque and a minaret dating from V веком.

After visiting the remote villages you can get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the Ryazan region.

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