Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Volgograd region

Coat of Arms of Volgograd Region

Dear readers, have you ever visited the Volgograd Region? If not, then this is exactly what it's worth to spend precious moments of your life. This, truly, Russian region, rich in the meadows, wide rivers, deep lakes and folk traditions.

Волгоградская область – это настоящая находка для туристов, это ценнейший кладезь исконно русских обычаев, красной нитью прошедших сквозь тысячелетия и сохранившихся до наших дней. Этот регион просто кишит старинными русскими песнями, в которых наши предки изливали душу, и великолепными танцами, завораживающими одновременно своей простотой и сердечностью.

In the Volgograd region there is an ancient craft - carving on wood, weaving, weaving with birch bark, lace and much more. All this, you, dear reader, can not only observe, but also try yourself in the role of an artisan, to learn this skill from real professionals.

And how fascinating stories of local residents about the nature of the Volgograd region and its fabulous inhabitants - forest, brown, about Moroz and about Zare-zaryadnitsa. All this turns our gaze straight to the archaic, to the antiquity, when man and nature lived in perfect harmony with each other.

So, the Volgograd region consists of many different cities, among which are: Volgograd, Volzhsky, Krasnoslobodsk. In addition to them, the region abounds in settlements, villages and other settlements located, mainly near the magnificent rivers - Don, Akhtuba and, of course, the Volga. How many nationalities have found their place here! Among the residents of the Volgograd region, you can see Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Chechens, Koreans, Uzbeks, Tajiks and even Germans!

This region is a real reserve, in the chest of which are stored many different natural parks, lakes, desert spaces, mountains, national historical monuments.

Attracting attention with their incredible beauty are the natural parks "Donskoy", combining the most beautiful nature and ancient traditions, the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, which is really a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, Shcherbakovsky, where the most contrasting parts of nature perfectly suited. Do not pass by the most beautiful rivers and lakes, fascinating with their primordial nature. Especially distinguished among them is the salt lake of Elton - the pearl of not only the Volgograd region, but the whole of Europe as a whole. Old Sarepta, Bugor Stepan Razin, Mamayev Kurgan, and many other places that are bound to fall in the soul literally all.

Being the pride of this region, all these natural, historical and cultural monuments undoubtedly leave a mark on the heart of everyone who visits this picturesque area.

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