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Samara region

Coat of Arms of Samara Region

Magnificent monumental rocks, incredible beauty of the river, fresh green forests, a huge number of attractions, a special friendly-simple manner of communication of local residents, a variety of urban and suburban recreation centers, in other words - just a paradise for any traveler. All this splendor was located in the beautiful Samara region. Two remarkable rivers - the Volga and Samara - flow through the territory of this region, as if dividing it. The so-called artery of the region - the Volga River - gives a vital pulse to many cities of the Samara region. By the waters of this toiler, oversized merchant ships of incredible gravity, magnificent cruise liners and even two-deck motor ships, the so-called "minibuses", and, of course, ships registered as private property, are moving.

The first thing that absolutely every person should visit, who arrived in the beautiful Samara region, is Samara Luka. This incredible place fills the heart with awe, and the soul with joy. What are there still remarkable green spaces and bottomless blue rivers. What a unique tricky curve of the landscape! The greatness of the mountains amazes with its monumentality and tranquility. The eye does not tear off and do not convey in words what all travelers feel without exception, when they visit this wonderful place. On the territory of Samara Luke there was even a microclimate thanks to which unique plants and rare animals grow and develop here. The territory of the Zhigulevsky Reserve is also located here. This is one of the most unique places on the planet! And all because neither the hand nor the plow of man has ever touched this amazing beauty of the natural terrain.

Fans of climbing in the mountains here, too, will not be bored! Among such tourists are very popular mountain places, among which are the mountains Tsarev Kurgan and Tip-Tyav. Admire the greatness of this kind of natural objects will allow Mount Camel, located on the territory of Samara Luke, a career in the Sokolii Mountains, the Stone Bowl, located near the village of Shiryaevo.

The Holy Resurrection Monastery and the Transfiguration Cathedral in Togliatti are magnificent in their tranquility.

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