Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Magadan region

Coat of arms of Magadan region

Magadan region with its capital in the city of Magadan is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation. This territory is located in the Far North. The severe climate and remoteness from the center formed special living conditions here: a small number of residents (about 146 thousand) with very low population density.


The modern history of the Magadan region began in the 20-ies. 20 century. It was here that numerous geological expeditions were sent, the task of which was the exploration of gold-bearing placers.

Under Soviet rule, at the beginning of the 30-ies, "Dalnostroy" was created on the Kolyma - a trust that was engaged in the construction of roads, extraction of minerals. At that time, the labor of prisoners, including political prisoners, was used here, and they were brought here from the whole Union. After their release, they often stayed here, founded families. It was during this period that the mass settlement of the Magadan Region began. Officially, the date of its foundation is 26 April 1954


Магаданская область граничит с Хабаровским краем, Якутией, Камчаткой и Чукотским округом. Её площадь составляет 462 464 Km². The southern part of the region has access to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. There are many rivers in the Magadan Region. The largest of these is Kolyma, which has a large influx.

The relief of the Magadan Region is represented mainly by medium-high-altitude uplands. There are also many mountain ranges here. Plain can be called only the territory that adjoins the seacoast.

Climatic conditions

The climate of the Magadan region is sharply continental. Here are very harsh winters, which often last longer than 6 months. In winter, temperatures often drop to 50-60 degrees below zero. In the year there are only about 50 frost-free days. Such harsh conditions provoked the appearance here of many years of permafrost, widespread almost throughout the territory.

Economy and Industry

Magadan region is rich in various types of natural resources: coal, gold, tungsten, tin, silver. The extraction of these substances is the main branch of the industry here. Also, much attention is paid to fisheries. Despite the severe weather conditions, the region provides a significant part of its needs for vegetables. Livestock breeding also develops. Until 90-ies of the last century in the Magadan region there were many reindeer herding farms. However, in recent decades, the number of livestock in such farms has significantly decreased.

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