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Amur Region

Герб Амурская область

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the Amur region is a large, deep-water river Amur. This area of ​​Russia began to be populated one of the last. It is located on the border with China, the length of the Russian-Chinese cordon in the Amur region is about 1250 km. The climate here is very variable, in winter it is cold, it is slightly cloudy, and in summer it is warm and a lot of rainy days.

Sights of the Amur region.

Конечно катание на прогулочных кораблях реки Амур – одно из самых главных развлечений, что манят туристов со всего мира. Здесь так же есть и другие реки, не менее величественны, к примеру, река Зея. Большое количество ГЭС в Амурской области, жители называют водохранилище на реке Зея – Зейским морем.

Rafting is a separate story, due to the fact that the rivers are mountainous and with a lot of rapids, skilful extremals come to take up rafting here.

Также Амурская область – это рай для охотников, большое количество зверей и красивая природа – залог хорошей охоты. Но не стоит забывать о наказании при незаконной охоте, здесь с этим очень строго, штрафы высокие и есть даже криминальная ответственность за нарушение правил.

Эта область привлекает туристов своей флорой и фауной, большое количество заповедников, заказников предлагают посмотреть интересные виды животных, растений, рыб и т.д.

Due to the fact that the population density is very small, many people come here to retire with themselves, forget about the city bustle, here is developed - green tourism.

The burning mountains are another of the local "miracles", these are the high mountains, which are constantly in smoke by day and on fire in the evening. In fact, this itself ignites coal and peat.

In the near 1999 year, when builders tried to build a road, they accidentally discovered bones of dinosaurs, since then this place is called - the Amur cemetery of dinosaurs. During the excavations, the jaws of the dinosaurs were found, completely their skeletons. Many archaeologists come here and participate in excavations.

In the city of Blagoveshchensk there is the famous Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. It is huge, inside it contains more than 500 people. Ancient design, blue towers and golden domes make it mysterious and mighty.

Здесь также развиты разные виды промышленности, такие как энергетическая, угольная, золотодобывающая, пищевая и другие.

Unfortunately, not many people know about this unique place and that they have a chance to see everything with their own eyes.

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