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St. Petersburg - the cultural heritage of Russia

Санкт-Петербург считается одним из интереснейших городов не только России, но и мира.

Even the streets of this city have an unquestionable historical value, what to say about the magnificent architectural compositions and magnificent monuments that meet tourists at every step.

A branchy network of canals and rivers, surrounding the city, embankments and spacious squares, a harmonious combination of the architecture of different centuries, give St. Petersburg a special, unique charm.

Saint Petersburg

У многочисленных гостей есть возможность посетить свыше 100 музеев, в том числе и жемчужину мирового искусства – Эрмитаж, расположенный на центральной Дворцовой площади исторического центра города. Увидеть Петропавловскую крепость и Петропавловский собор- усыпальницу всех российских императоров,

Feel a special, thanks to the proximity of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, the atmosphere of Vasilievsky Island, which is called the sea harbor of St. Petersburg. Wander along the main street of the city - Nevsky Prospekt and go to the majestic Kazan Cathedral and the Russian Museum. Admire the beautiful mosaic of the Savior on Blood and the huge St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Petrodvorets, Pavlovsk, Pushkin and Gatchina, which are located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg - are magnificent monuments - museums of landscape and garden art. In the past, the former country weekend residences of kings and nobles of Russia, they delight and fascinate with their squares and avenues of numerous tourists. Fountains and the Grand Palace of Peterhof will not leave anyone indifferent. It is good to walk with children here, since детские площадки для дачи, Certainly, will cause delight and will take them for a long time.

An integral part of Petersburg is the beautiful Neva. It is still an important transit highway, along which pass passenger and commercial ships from the Baltic Sea. Eight of the most unique drawbridges connect the embankments of the Neva. The banks of the Neva are "dressed" in granite, the pier is decorated with all kinds of sculptures and monuments. On holidays you can watch a grand spectacle, when the Baltic military vessels are lining up in the roadstead. The founder of this tradition was Peter the Great. The famous cruiser "Aurora" stands here on the "eternal" parking lot.

Белые ночи — изюминка Санкт-Петербурга. Это время, когда ночью на улице так же много народу (а на набережных бывает и больше), как и днем.

Все гуляют по набережным, катаются на катерах по каналам и речкам, и конечно, любуются разводными мостами.

Whenever you come to St. Petersburg, you will recognize it from a new perspective. Here you come back again and again.

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