Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Republic of Crimea

Coat of arms Republic of Crimea

The Republic of Crimea is located in the south-west of Russia. From the east, the peninsula is washed by the Azov Sea, from the south and west - by the Black Sea. The northern and central parts are steppe agricultural areas. In the south, there is a chain of Crimean mountains. The southern and south-western coast are known for their resorts. It is this part of the Crimea that attracts tourists. It has everything - mountain routes, forests, paragliders, the sea, beaches, sanatoria, therapeutic mud, historical and cultural attractions.

Самые известные города Крыма

Crimea is interesting because almost every city in it has a unique history and features. This is due to the fact that many of them are hundreds of years old. However, it is especially possible to single out Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta.

Simferopol - the capital of the Republic. The city is not a resort, but from it you can get to each of the resorts of Crimea. Also near to Simferopol is Bakhchisaray with the famous Khan's palace - a historical landmark of the period of the Crimean khans.

Sevastopol - a city of special significance. Here the Black Sea Fleet is based and there are many cultural and military-historical monuments of different periods of history.

Yalta Known as a resort pearl of the Crimea. The famous cable car, the Swallow's Nest and the embankment became its business cards. Picturesque mountain and seascapes do not leave indifferent many generations of tourists.

National character

Crimea is a multicultural space. As a result of the census held in 2014, representatives of 175 nationalities. Самые большие национальные группы в порядке убывания – русские, украинцы и крымские татары. Вместе с ними здесь живут белорусы, армяне, азербайджанцы, корейцы, греки, евреи, немцы, турки, грузины, караимы, крымчаки и другие национальности.

A rich national color leaves its imprint on all spheres of life. In Crimea you can see a Jewish synagogue, a Muslim mosque, an Orthodox church and Karaite kenasses standing side by side.

Nature of Crimea

Крым – это степи и горы. Крымские горы покрыты лесами, в которых можно встретить оленей и кабанов. Три гряды гор расположены параллельно друг другу и разделены долинами. Самая высокая точка – Mount Roman-Kosh Height of 1545 meters.

В горах берут свое начало многочисленные реки и речушки Крыма. Здесь находятся заповедники и заказники, крупнейший из которых – Крымский природный заповедник общей площадью более 33000 га.

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