Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Arkhangelsk region

Герб Архангельская область

The Arkhangelsk Region is one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, located in the North-West Federal District. This region is one of the largest in our country and in its size exceeds even such large European states as France and Spain.
The administrative center is Arkhangelsk. This city has a long history, since it was founded in the 16 century, but gained administrative independence only in the first half of the 12th century. Initially, Arkhangelsk was considered the trade gate of the Russian state in the North, so there were many foreign merchants here. Currently, in the center of the city is one of the historical monuments - Gostiny Dvor, which by its appearance was due precisely to this period.
The largest river in the region is the Northern Dvina, which flows from the south to the south and flows into the White Sea. In addition, there are other rivers on the territory of the region, such as Mezen, Onega, Pechora, Vaga, Vychegda. The Arkhangelsk region includes not only the mainland, but also archipelagos (Franz Josef Land, Solovetsky Islands, Novaya Zemlya). Some of them became curly tourist objects. In this case it should be said about Solovki, where thousands of tourists come every year not only from Russia, but also from Europe. Franz Josef Land also becomes a popular tourist route, which is actively developing the "Russian Arctic". In addition to the above, there are also historical and architectural monuments in the region that are of interest to tourists (Malye Karely, Kenozersky Museum). In the Pinezhsky district there is a cave "Golubinsky dip", which also became a popular place for residents and guests of the Arkhangelsk region.
Currently, several state higher educational institutions operate in the region: the Northern Arctic Federal University and the Northern State Medical University. Also there is a large number of branches of various commercial establishments.
The Arkhangelsk region is rich in various minerals. Here, large deposits of oil and gas, diamonds, limestones, coal, rock salt were discovered. The proximity of the White Sea led to the emergence of the "Algae Combine" in the region, which produces various biological supplements and cosmetic products from kelp and fucus, in large quantities harvested in coastal zones.

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