Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Voronezh region

Coat of Arms of Voronezh Region

The history of the Voronezh region dates back to the 17th century. At first it was a small Voronezh district, then there were some extensions and there was the beginning of the Voronezh province, which later was transformed into the Central Black Earth region. In 1934, the final stage of the creation of the Voronezh region, with the administrative center of the region - the city of Voronezh, has come.

Geographical location and climate of Voronezh region

The Voronezh Region is located in the central part of the European part of the Russian Federation. It is an integral part of the Central Federal District. Borders of the region are in contact with many other areas: Tambov, Saratov, Volgograd, Rostov, Belgorod, Kursk and Lipetsk. Ukraine is also a border neighbor.

Large rivers cross the Voronezh lands - Don, Voronezh, Khoper and Bityug. In addition to the many other rivers that flow in this area, there are many artificial ponds that are full of diverse livestock. Therefore, fishing is one of the favorite activities of local residents. Voronezh region can be proud of the presence of two reserves - Voronezh and Khopersky.

The climate of the Voronezh region is specific: it can be observed here as a real Russian winter with thorny frosts and mountains of snow, and a dry hot summer with high temperatures and dry winds.

Sights of the Voronezh Region

In the Voronezh region there are a lot of cultural attractions, known both throughout the country and throughout the world: the monastery and the museum-reserve Divnogorye, the cave monastery in the village of Kostomarovo, Alekseevo-Akatov, Serafimo-Sarovsky and Tolshevsky Spaso- The Transfiguration Monastery.

From the satellite you can see the main natural attractions of the Voronezh land: the majestic river - Don; Huge oak forests and pine forests, which stretched for kilometers of the banks of the Voronezh River.

It is not necessary to avoid the Palace of Oldenburg in Ramoni, which at first sight can bewitch with its wealth and plunge into the old times of historical events; The archeological museum-reserve "Kostyonki" will attract attention by a lot of excavated elements; The church in the name of Christmas in Anna village will help tourists find a spiritual balance; Stone maze on the farm Mostysche, will try to confuse visitors in the infinity of their corners.

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