Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Dagestan

Coat of arms of the Republic of Dagestan


The Republic of Dagestan is the southernmost subject of the Russian Federation, which on the one hand rests on the coast of the Caspian Sea, and on the other is surrounded by mountains and foothills of the Greater Caucasus. This small and quite densely populated area can surprise even the most sophisticated travelers.

The capital of the Republic of Makhachkala is quite a modern city known also as a balneological resort. But it so happened that it was the capital, perhaps, the least interesting place for visitors. There are no special attractions, and the natural wealth of the city and the surrounding district allow only a little touch to the incredible wealth that can be found in other regions of Dagestan.

Where to go and what to see in Dagestan

The history of Dagestan, including the last decades, is as turbulent and contradictory as the nature of this region. But today, all this is left in the past, and Dagestan greets all visitors with warm hospitality, offering tourists to get acquainted with their numerous riches.

The beaches of the Caspian Sea, majestic mountain peaks, deep mountain rivers and alpine valleys - all this makes Dagestan one of the most beautiful regions of the North Caucasus.

What gives this region a special color is ethnic and cultural diversity, because Dagestan is the most multi-signal republic in Russia. Here, the traditions of many nationalities - Avars, Dargins, Kalmyks, Lezgins And dozens of others.

A rich history, in which the fates of different nations and empires of the past intersect, makes Dagestan attractive for those who like to study historical sights. The city of Derbent, whose history is more than 5 000 years, can be considered a visiting card of Dagestan.

In total, there are 1 200 buildings recognized as architectural monuments, among them there are those listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. To the monuments of world significance belong Derbent wall of the Sassanid dynasty. This is the only surviving monument of ancient Persian fortification architecture. Also in Dagestan you can visit the oldest mosque in Russia, the legendary fortress of Naryn-Kala, the Derbent lighthouse and of course the Fortress-village of Kala-Koreish, founded more than a thousand years ago.

It is impossible to list all the sights of the republic and cultural and natural. Therefore, in Dagestan need to come more than once.

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