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Kazan - "the third capital of Russia" - one of the largest cities in Russia, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. A modern and at the same time an archaic city with an amazing history and rich heritage has recently entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. On this place, on the left bank of the "river of all rivers" of the majestic Volga, the culture of the West and the East, Orthodoxy and Islam were surprisingly mixed. The mentality of the local people was given by mother-river with its generosity and inflexibility. Multinationality, and in the city there are more than 115 nationalities, endowed people with tolerance and benevolence. The fates of famous celebrities - NI Lobachevsky, LN Tolstoy, ST Aksakov, GR Derzhavin, FI Shalyapin and many others, are connected with the city.

The breadth of the soul of the people, the brightness of the views expressed in the architecture of the city, the history is closely intertwined with the present. So, on one side of the Kazanka River, for a thousand years, the white-stone Kazan Kremlin has grown in prominence, and on the other there are bright skyscrapers of our century, in which modern offices with equipment that may have beenBought on

In 2014, the capital of Tatarstan took the third place among the countries of the European Union in the ranking of the site TripAdvisor as the most developing tourist destination.

The ancient streets of a thousand-year-old city store many legends. One of the legends says that before the capture of the city by the khan's horde, the wealthy buried all valuables in a secret place, and they entrusted the serpent to Zilantha to guard the treasure. By order of the khan, the residents were killed, there was no one to take the jewels and the dragon-like serpent to this day guarding the untold riches. A beautiful legend surrounds the falling tower of Syuyumbike. Tradition says that when taking Kazan, Ivan the Terrible made the queen condition - to marry him. The Russian ruler was not nice to the beauty and she dropped from the highest tier of the tower. Today, Kazan is a recognized major political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center in the Russian Federation, a developing tourist destination in Europe. The city, as a tourist center, is oriented both to Russian and foreign guests, so staying in the capital of Tatarstan can become a memorable adventure for anyone!

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