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Spring holiday in Moscow

Do not get upset if the vacation fell on the spring months, and a ticket to the hot countries could not take. In Russia there are no less charms than abroad, which the locals do not even notice. "Spring Moscow, as a place of rest for altruists and romantic natures!" - this slogan will accompany from the beginning of March to the end of May guests and residents of the capital. Moscow

In March, Moscow is warm enough: there is almost no snow and ice, dirty puddles dry up, and the air is pierced by the fresh breath of nature. Perhaps, this is the most romantic time for new acquaintances, both for visitors and for local residents. By the way, guests of Moscow will not find it difficult to settle on the first day somewhere for accommodation: the city has many hotels and hotels of different financial levels, rented apartments or rooms. It's best to take a walk to the Sparrow Hills, because all of Moscow opens up. In the same way parks and squares begin to work in a special mode: holidays, festivities and subbotniks. The latter begin to enter into fashion with young people, as an annual event for the cleaning of the city, as they are accompanied by songs and dances, free tea and sandwiches. Those who want to see the new youth from a different angle and have fun from the heart - the very place for a subbotnik. And then you can visit Teahouse No. 1, Where you will find not only delicious tea, but also a lot of dishes of eastern and European cuisine, which is still necessary for a pleasant rest after work.

From the middle of April, cyclists begin to "get out of hibernation". In Moscow, this is called "pokatushki." They pass in all parks, are accompanied by noisy discoveries of cycling seasons, music and treats. If you do not have your own bicycle, then you can hire it for hire. Another remarkable April event in Moscow is the observation of the blooming cherry blossom. Although it is borrowed from the East, it is no worse. Especially this excludes a long journey to Japan or China for fans of floristry and other botanical wonders. And you can admire the capital sakura in the Botanical Garden, in Biryulyovo Park or go to the Pharmacy garden. And all this for guests and Muscovites free of charge. In May, Moscow not only celebrates 9 May with a grand parade and salute - it takes place every year without fail. Not so long ago in the capital will introduce one more - a holiday of soap bubbles. All residents are waiting for him with impatience, as soon as the sunny weather sets. He is loved by children and adults, because he is always accompanied by carnival, jesting performances and fairs. Everyone is given the opportunity to see absolutely free of soap bubbles of unprecedented shapes and sizes. In addition to the holidays, in Moscow very often there are all kinds of exhibitions and meetings, where you can also get free of charge. Even just a walk through the noisy and burgeoning capital in the spring is a kind of relaxation and pacification.

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