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For the first time, Kursk was mentioned in The Lay of Igor's Host. During the existence of the city, the soldiers accepted and in many military operations, in connection with which a large number of various monuments were established.

The largest memorial is set in honor of the Battle of the Kursk Bulge, dated 1943 year. The complex is set for the 55 jubilee of the battle. The memorial is an 24-meter arch, with the sculpture of St. George the Victorious to us at its top. In the memorial park there are monuments to the commanders, next to the grave of the Unknown Soldier. In the complex there is the Cathedral of St. George the Victorious, on the walls of which the names of seven thousand soldiers who fell in the battles for the Motherland were knocked out.


In addition to the Memorial in Kursk, a large number of different sculptures and monuments are established in different parts of the city. For example, near the medical institute there is a monument to A. Nevsky and a sculpture of an apple, then there is a monument to Sviridov, a well-known composer. In the city there is also a monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, opposite to him there is a monument to Catherine Zelenko. Opposite the circus, the sculptural complex of memory of Yuri Nikulin will please the children.

The tragedy in 2000 year on the Barents Sea did not bypass the city side, on the submarine "Kursk" twelve sailors perished from Kursk. The bodies of all the dead are buried with soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War. In memory of sailors in the North-West of the city, an alley of birch trees was planted, and at the beginning of the alley a memorial was erected in the form of a part of a boat with a crack and the names of the dead.

To look at the city, several observation platforms are equipped. One is located on the sixteenth floor of the Kursk hotel, two more are located on the embankment. The city often hosts art exhibitions, as far back as Kursk, there is a project in which new movies are shown at the theater at a low price.

The city is becoming more modern, building shopping and business centers, where even among other things you can use the services Free lawyer. New apartment buildings are growing, but there are also constructions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A few years ago the city circus was restored, now it takes circus performers from all over the country. Nighttime bright nightclubs operate in which, in addition to the dance floors, billiards and bowling are installed.

In Kursk there is a museum for its symbol, the Kursk nightingale. The museum has collected a collection of more than two hundred originals and more than eight hundred copies of stories, songs and poems.

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