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Kaluga - a picturesque, nice city, located near Moscow. This circumstance favorably influences the attraction of tourists and travelers. The town has a rich historical value, famous for its hospitable inhabitants.

Kaluga is located on the Central Russian Upland on both banks of the Oka River and its small tributary - the river Yachenka. First of all, Kaluga became famous for the fact that from the end of the 19 century to the middle of the 20 century the rationalizer, scientist and creator Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky lived and worked there. The emblem of the city is decorated with an artificial satellite of the Earth.


Kaluga is the oldest city. On its territory were discovered medieval fortifications. The most famous - the Semyonovsky fortress - was excavated on the river Yachenka. The official date of the foundation of Kaluga is the second half of the 14 century. At the same time, Moscow and Lithuanian princes fought for the town. Under the Moscow prince Ivan the Third Kaluga is a strategic city of the Moscow principality. Here there is an army to defend against the invasion of the Tatars. In troubled times, Kaluga hosted rebels: False Dmitry, Ivan Bolotnikov, impostor Tsarevich Peter. Was under Polish and Tatar oppression. In the 17 century, Kaluga entered the metallurgical industry. At the great Peter 1 a school appears here. The city suffered a lot during the war 1812 year, the First World War and the Great Patriotic War. But out of all adversity, he emerged victorious and in Soviet times the city and the region were awarded the Order of Lenin.

Coming here you can visit and historical places, and galleries, and natural attractions. And it does not matter what you do, whether it's forex on this site) Or creativity, here you will discover a lot of interesting moments. The oldest ecological monument in Kaluga is an oak tree. He grew up with a wooden fortress. Around the tree, which has five centuries, is a forest park of culture and recreation. In the historical center, whole blocks of streets, built in different centuries, have been preserved. This is the Old Torg Square, Voskresenskaya Street. Little St. Petersburg is the second name of the town. They like tourists to visit the Korobov's Chambers and the Church of the Intercession. The Kaluga tourist center has worked on foot routes on historical places of Kaluga. The route passes near the merchant's estates of Bilibin, Zolotarev, through the living rooms, a stone bridge.

No less popular is the space route, which is dedicated to the brilliant scientist Tsiolkovsky. It begins at the monument to Tsiolkovsky. It passes near the monument to Gagarin and Korolev. The bas-relief of the first cosmonaut can be seen on the houses of the same street.

The Victory Square was very beautiful in architecture. Here is buried the remains of the Unknown Soldier. A monument is erected to a woman who symbolizes the Motherland. In one hand she has Oka's tape, in another companion. In the architecture of the square, another celebrity - the Church of Cosmas and Damian - was successfully blended.

Today a new tourist program is being actively developed for travelers and tourists. New camping sites, tourist centers, new tourist routes are under construction. Kaluga and Kaluga region are becoming more attractive for developing tourism.

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