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The Pechora River

The Pechora River
Length: 1809 km
Area of ​​the pool: 322 000 km2

The Pechora River is a river in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation. The river stretches for 1809 km. It freezes at the end of October, an autopsy occurs accompanied by ice jam formation. The source of Pechora is in the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve, not far from one of the wonders of Russia - the Manpupuner Plateau. Pechora flows into the Pechora Gulf of the so-called Pechora Sea.


Length - 1809 km, pool area - 322 thousand km2. The river starts in the North Urals, in the southeastern part of the Komi Republic, and flows primarily to the south-west. From the source to the mouth of the river Uny Pechora has a mountain character. At the village of Yakshi (after the confluence of the Volostnitsa River) it turns north and flows along the Pechora lowland to Ust-Usa. After the mouth of the river Usy turns west, forming a wide knee with two large bends. The width of the channel here reaches 2 km, in the valley there are vast floodplain meadows.

The Pechora River

In the area of ​​Ust-Tsilma (after the confluence of the rivers Pizhma and Tsilma) Pechora again turns north, in this part of its wide floodplain is cut by numerous channels ("balls") and old men. Approximately in 130 km from the mouth of the Pechora is divided into two branches - the eastern (Bolshaya Pechora) and the western (Malaya Pechora). Below, in the Naryan-Mar area, the river forms a delta about 45 km wide and flows into the Pechora Sea of ​​the Pechora Sea. Sgonno-surging currents spread to the south to the village of Oksino.

Hydrology of the river

The food is mixed, with a predominance of snow. Flood begins in late April - early May, a maximum - in mid-May in the middle reaches and lower reaches until the first of June. In the summer and in the winter - the low water. Summer low water - from the middle of July to August, is often interrupted by rain floods. Average water discharge in the mouth of the 4100 m3/from. It freezes at the end of October; Opening occurs from the upper reaches and is accompanied by ice jams.

Economic use

Regular navigation is possible to Troitsko-Pechorsk, in spring and autumn - to Ust-Unya. The sea vessels go upstream to Naryan-Mar (110 km from the mouth). Developed fishing (salmon, whitefish, ryadushka). In the basin of Pechora there are deposits of coal, oil and gas.

The Pechora River

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