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Indigirka River

Indigirka River
Length: 1726 km
Area of ​​the pool: 360 000 km2

Indigirka River is a river in Yakutia.

Geographical position

Length of the river 1726 km, area of ​​the basin 360 thousand km2. For the beginning of Indigirka the place of confluence of two rivers - Tuora-Yuryakh and Taryn-Yuryakh, which originate on the northern slopes of the Khalkan Range, is taken; Falls into East-Siberian Sea. The Indigirka basin is located in the area of ​​development of perennial frozen rocks, which is why the formation of giant ice sheets is characteristic of its rivers. According to the structure of the valley and the riverbed and the speed of the current, the Indigirka is divided into two sections: the upper mountainous (640 km) and the lower plain (1086 km).

Indigirka River

After the confluence of the rivers Tuora-Yuryakh and Taryn-Yuryakh, Indigirka flows to the north-west along the most lower part of the Oymyakonsky highland, turning northwards, it cuts through a number of mountain ranges The Chersky Range. The width of the valley here is from 0,5-1 to 20 km, pebble bed, a lot of shiver, current speed 2-3,5 m / s. At the intersection of the Chemalginsky Range Indigirka flows in a deep gorge and forms thresholds; Flow velocity 4 m / s. This site is not suitable even for the alloy. Above the mouth of the Moma River, where the Indigirka goes to the Momo-Selenney depression, the lower part begins. The valley of Indigirka expands, the bed of reeds abounds with scythes and braids, in places it breaks into sleeves. Having skirted the Momsky Range, the Indigirka flows further along the lowland plain. On the Abyei lowland is very winding, on Yano-Indigirskaya for Indigirka are characterized by straight long plaits with a width of 350-500 m. At 130 km from the mouth of the Indigirka, it breaks into sleeves (main: Russian estuary, Middle - the largest, Kolyma), forming a delta (area 5 500 km2). From the sea, the mouth of the Indigirka is separated by a shallow-water bar.

Indigirka River
Hydrology of the river

Indigirka feeds on rain and thawed (snow, glacial and ice) waters. Flood in the warm part of the year; Flow of spring 32%, summer 52%, autumn about 16%, winters are less than 1% and the river places freezes (Cross Major, Chokurdah). Average consumption in Ust-Nera 428 m3/ S, maximum 10 600 m3/ S, in Vorontsov, respectively, 1 570 m3/ S and 11 500 m3/from. The range of fluctuations in the level of 7,5 and 11,2 m, the highest levels in June - early July. Annual flow in the estuary of 58,3 km3; A solid run of 13,7 million tons. It freezes in October, is opened in late May - early June.

Economic use

It is navigable from the mouth of the Moma River (1134 km). The main piers: Honuu, Druzhina, Chokurdah, Tabor. In the Indigirka basin - gold mining. Indigirka is rich in fish, in the estuary - fishing for rylad, chir, muxun, nelma, omul, and whitefish.

Indigirka River

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