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Flora of Russia

Flora of Russia Russia, a huge country, located in several time zones, a variety of geographical areas. Many kinds of plants grow on its territory. Starting with dwarf birches, growing in the north and ending with steppe grass growing in the south. Thanks to the fact that Russia has huge territories, its flora is diverse and amazing.

Flora of Russia

A lot of forests, majestic taiga, mountain ranges, northern almost deserted lands, magnificent meadows and southern steppes are all Russia. Therefore, the plant world of the country is rich and diverse. On its territory you can find huge pines and low grass.

In Russia, there are many types of vegetation such as:

- forest;
- tundra;
- deserted;
- the steppe;
- marsh;
- meadow.

The abundance and diversity of plant species depend on the geographic zone in which they are located.


On the northern edge of Russia there is a cold climate, and all the plants there are adapted to a short vegetation period. These are mostly undersized perennials. In the tundra is a huge variety of lichens and mosses. The main representatives of the trees are the dwarf birch, the polar willow. The rest of the flora is represented by bushes and herbs, such as:

- the polar poppy;
- partridge grass;
- bluegrass Arctic;
- cranberries;
- Cassiopeia.

The entire flora of the tundra is distinguished by small leaves with a waxy coating, strongly pubescent and short.


Almost 45% of the whole country is covered with forests. Most of all in Russia is located coniferous forests. They are:

Dark coniferous (cedar, fir, spruce);
Light coniferous (pine, larch).

And the remaining 20% is occupied by broad-leaved forests. They are in the southern and eastern part of Russia, in the Caucasus.


Since the sun is very clear in the desert, only wormwood and other weeds grow here.


Here grow plants that tolerate heat. For example:

- fescue;
- beans;
- feather grass;
- tonkonog, etc.

Beautifully looks in the beginning of summer boundless green sea with impregnations of red, blue, yellow flowers. But the massive grazing and plowing have done so that many plants have disappeared in the steppe. Most of them are listed in the Red Book.


Here the soil is more humid than in the steppe. Therefore, in the meadows, the plants are higher, have a rich green color and are more diverse.

In the marshes it is very humid, therefore here mainly shrubs grow herbaceous plants and a few trees, and on the moor you can see a small, green grass - duckweed.
Interesting fact! In the entire flora in Russia there are approximately 5000 species of lichens, 11000 vascular plants, more 10000 algae. All these plants belong to beans, pink, sedge, cereals, etc. Although the plant world is large, it should not be forgotten that mass herding of thinness, fires, rare watering of plants can ruin the entire flora. Fires, a rare watering of plants can ruin the entire flora.

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