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Tver, about which you did not know


Tver is one of those cities in Russia, which every time must visit. One of the oldest cities in Russia, which already in 1 247 became the center of the Tver principality, washed by three rivers - a place worth visiting. The city, once a center and capital of all Russian lands, and today offers all curious a lot of interesting entertainment.

Tver historical and Tver tourist

A modern city is a mass of cozy and themed establishments. In Tver you can drink a good cocktail, order a decent lunch and be surprised by the delights of the hotel service. But all this is possible in other cities and countries. The main thing behind what it is worth to go here is the history of the ancient Russian land, which is still felt here in the elusive silhouettes of ancient churches and stunning nature.

In a city with such a rich history, naturally there are a lot of places worth visiting. But if you are not a historian or a fan of archaeological research - it makes sense to dwell on the most significant monuments of Tver:

·         Imperial Traveling Palace of Catherine II (18 century);

·         The Church of the Ascension (18-19 century);

·         The Czech bridge (18 century);

·         A cross in the place of the blasted Transfiguration Cathedral;

·         Church White Trinity (16 century).

In addition to historical and sacred monuments, it is worth to walk along the crowded Tverskoy Avenue, where the life of a modern city is bubbling. Lovers of nature Tver will enjoy a beautiful botanical garden, which can be found in the inconspicuous building of the railway station.

No matter how rich the history of this city, local and visiting street art masters turned Tver into a full-fledged part of modern culture. So, lovers of modern art will have something to do here.

What to bring from Tver

The Tver region is a place where you will not have a problem, what to bring to your friends and sympathizers. Let's start in order:

·         Tiny castles.

·         Tver flax and products from it.

·         Toys made of wood from clay.

·         Handmade dolls.

·         Local beer and tinctures.

Avoid places of mass congestion of tourists, and then among the listed souvenirs, you can find really unusual things. Walk, enjoy, and this incredible city will gradually reveal its secrets to you.


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